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Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Why You Need These Lenses

RESOLUTION Lenses– Thinner, Lighter and Optically Accurate Polycarbonate Lenses

Lab tests prove that old injection-molded technology used to make other polycarbonate lenses results in optical flaws, poor resolution and power variations. Only RESOLUTION lenses use a patented process, ECM-9™ that results in an optically superior lens. Plus, only RESOLUTION lenses have an advanced Aspheric/Atoric lens design that makes the lens thinner, flatter, lighter and totally distortion free. RESOLUTION lenses are:

  • 14% thinner and 27% lighter than standard polycarbonate
  • 10% thinner and 23% lighter than 1.60 High Index Plastic
  • 25% thinner than regular plastic

With our RESOLUTION lenses you'll no longer have to make any compromises. You'll get the superior impact protection of polycarbonate plus the optics equivalent to glass lenses.


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The Difference Between Lenses is Clearly Visible
Other Polycarbonate Lens
Other Polycarbonate Lens

Birefringence, which is stress distortion introduced during the manaufacturing process has been eliminated in our RESOLUTION lenses. In the test lenses were placed between polarized film. The unretouched photos (above) reveal the smooth flawless surface of the RESOLUTION lens (left) and the flawed surface (high birefringence) of the other polycarbonate lens (right).  Our RESOLUTION lenses' patented process produces a vastly superior optical lens that gives you fantastic vision – and lab tests prove it. (Read more on lab results.)

An Aspheric/Atoric Lens Design Clearly Eliminates Lens Distortion
New Resolution Lens
Other Polycarbonate Lens
Optima's Aspheric Lens Design
Non-Aspheric Lens

Not all lens designs are the same. An aspheric/ atoric design eliminates distortion as shown above. The Optima lens shows virtually no lens distortion (left) while the other non-aspheric lens (right) does. RESOLUTION lenses with an aspheric/atoric lens design provide accurate and precisely proportioned vision from edge to edge – your vision is naturally perfect.

An Anti-Reflective Coating Improves Vision and Appearance

RESOLUTION lenses are available with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating. AR coatings effectively reduce glare, reflections and halos around lights and helps to improve vision during night driving. An AR coated lens also provides many cosmetic benefits. It reduces the internal reflections that appear as rings and makes lenses look thick. It eliminates the external reflections that mask your eyes when someone is looking at you. With an anti-reflective coating, eyeglass lenses appear thinner or virtually transparent so your eyes look as natural as they would without lenses.

Tintable Lenses Provide Great Fashion and Sunwear Options

Tintable RESOLUTION lenses outperfrom all other polycarbonate lenses. While other polycarbonate lenses only achieve pale tints RESOLUTION lenses can tint UP to a 80% darkness for true sunglass performance. Express yourself with dual or even tri-tinted lenses. It's all possible with RESOLUTION.

RESOLUTION Lenses Provide the Ultimate in
Performance and Value

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