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February 26, 2013

Irving, TX – PFO Global, one of the nation’s fastest growing eyewear and technology

companies announced today that it has entered in to an agreement to acquire the assets of

Optima Inc. – www.optimainc.us - www.resolutionlens.com, the only distortion- and

birefringence free polycarbonate lens manufacturer in the world.

“This acquisition will accelerate our growth strategy and enhance our vertical integration.

It strategically meets all of PFO’s requirements for new opportunities for growth and it diversifies

the company’s customer base and revenue stream. Optima’s unique patented Polycarbonate

lenses will also be used for PFO’s finished Eyewear ( www.SmartEyewear.com ) and in

combination with our free form lens calculation program ProFitCalc” said Rudolf Suter,

President and CEO of PFO Global. “We are convinced these assets will drive future growth and

also help to build closer relationships with customers within the USA and worldwide. The

Resolution lenses are very complementary to PFO’s Managed Vision Care programs.”

“We are excited to be part of not only the fastest growing eyewear provider in the country, but

also of a company with a vision for our products” said Shigeru Murakami, President of Optima.

“We look forward to serving the existing and new Optima customers better and more efficiently

through the PFO distribution network worldwide. Together we have only one focus: To provide

our customers with the best Polycarbonate lens and the highest level of service and to make,

with PFO’s technology, their purchasing experience as easy as possible.”

Optima Inc. will be transferring its business to PFO Global’s organization as of March 1st 2013.

The operations and staff of Optima will continue at the Stratford, Connecticut facility under the

PFO Global name. All customer contact information remains the same.

Phone: 800.621.1216


Fax: 203.375.9768

For more information, contact Brigitte Bazelais, bbazelais@pfoglobal.com

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