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Now available from PFO Global

Tintable 1.74 Spherical for Free Form SFSV

Patented Product using a New Hybrid technology

PFO Global is excited to announce the release of yet another addition to our extensive 1.74 high index product line.
Due to a new, revolutionary hybrid technology, PFO Global has managed to dispel the myth that 1.74 material does not absorb a sunglass tint.

This patented new product can achieve a sunglass density of 90% gray in 30 minutes, compared to the competitor’s 20% gray tint.

By combining a 1.74 refractive index to create the thinnest and lightest lenses, and our extensive base curve availability, Tintable 1.74 Spherical SFSV for Free Form is sure to be a lens that meets all of your patients’ single vision and progressive needs. Base curves range from 1.50 to 10.25 bases.

For information and pricing, please contact PFO Global at (800) 621-1216.

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