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Now Available!!!


 1.74 Aspheric SFSV

& 1.74 Double Concave lenses are available 
with SR coating!

PFO Global is pleased to announce the addition of 1.74 Aspheric SR SFSV and 1.74 Double Concave SR SFSV lenses to our already extensive high index product line.

Initially released only as uncoated lenses requiring a scratch coating applied to both sides of the lens after surfacing, our latest addition makes the 1.74 SFSV lenses accessible to more laboratories surfacing and scratch coating using traditional methods.

Available in a wide range of base curves, ranging from 0.50EX to 10.60 in Aspheric SFSV and -2.00, -2.00EX, and -4.00 in Double Concave, there is sure to be a 1.74 lens available in our newest and most innovative technology to fill your patient’s eyewear needs.


For more information or technical data, please call PFO Global’s Customer Service Department at (800) 621-1216.

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